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Monday, June 25

World Cup Tanka: GROUP B FINALE (Matches 35 & 36)

high drama in Group 
B... will Spanish dreams die by 
Berber invasion? 

Morocco only team out 
already, could play spoiler 

I've loved Iran's run 
over course of past four years - 
could this be the end? 

hard to bet against bastard 
Ronaldo (but I will root) 

rushed home riding bus 
two hours after kick-off to 
pour doogh, watch afresh 

American indiff'rence 
allowed for lack of spoilers 

assuming Spanish 
win, watching (and rooting) for 
Iran to advance 

likely to require outright 
conquest over Portugal 

passionate Persians 
looking to beat Europe 
for first time in Cup 

(can't google anything for 
fear of spoilers unleashing) 

Morocco has scored 
elsewhere; while here, Portugal 
controls possession 

teasing a goal against shook 
goalkeeper, STILL SO EARLY 

elsewhere, Spain has drawn 
even; into second pint 
of doogh already 

you can't give me enough mint 
yogurt drink nor world's football 

Iran's physical 
as fuck, not backing down, and 
counter attacking 

you can't fear football powers, 
not when draws will mean defeat 

Ronaldo complains 
with GQ cover ready 
condescending smile 

ref appears to be content 
to let game be physical 

just when it appears 
halftime may come all level, 
Quaresma connects 

Iran essentially two 
down, as Morocco ain't shit 

Ronaldo's sexy 
complaints finally work, with 
late VAR penalty 

Iranians are livid - 
infidel ref hates Islam 


FIFA gods aren't football gods, 
Azmoun denied penalty 

violence steadily 
increasing, expect red cards 
any minute now 

five years of Queiroz work 
twenty minutes from over 

Ronaldo never 
shall get red card, corporate 
dollars protected 

Spain falls behind elsewhere, plus 
Iran scores late penalty 

95th minute, 
almost Iranian goal 
to kill Portugal 

but not to be, as FIFA's 
run by football infidels 

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