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Tuesday, June 26

World Cup Tanka: GROUP C FINALE (Matches 37 & 38)

not much to Group C 
in my opinion; France won 
as was expected 

I mean sure, Denmark coud win, 
but let's be real here - they won't 

more about pride, although the 
Socceroos not out 

mathematics lies sometimes - 
numbers often come up short 

chose to watch Peru 
against Australia because 
I'll see enough France 

imagine they'll likely get 
at least to quarterfinals 

during the run-up 
fell in love with Guerrero, 
true spirit warrior 

as is often the case with 
spirit warriors, fueled by drugs 

when life is constant 
jihad, self-medication 
will become common 

"nothing is true, ev'rything 
is permitted," spake Hassan 

Carrillo strikes for 
Peru, first goal of Group C 
finale cluster 

I think of Australia as 
weird-talking Americans 

in terms of football, 
this is definitely true - 
they even say "soccer" 

they call their team "Socceroos" 
which sounds almost Trumpian 

also, Jedinak 
is far too craft brew beard oil 
looking for my tastes 

shinefaces gonna shineface, 
regardless of where they born 

gentrification of hoods 
into wealth enclaves 

one corporate luxury 
box replaces thousand seats 

hence my Guerrero 
love - poorly tattooed wretched 
of the Earth football 

perfect European sleeves 
done all at once are no match 

hence my distrust of 
Pogba, because has the mind  
become colonized? 

although penal colony 
as nation is strange story 

as the knockout stage 
starts to develop, my thoughts 
are against Europe 

anybody but Europe; 
oh yeah the games - it's halftime 

Guerrero poaches 
second goal, finally, our 
hero has been heard 

commentators seem mad at 
constant vibration of horns 

jihad spirit war 
continues between "savage" 
and the "civilized" 

when born without a clean sheet, 
the well-behaved always lose 

when the third world is 
first, when the wretched of Earth 
become champions 

when FIFA's corruption gets 
conquered by "degenerates" 

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