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Tuesday, June 26

World Cup Tanka: GROUP D FINALE (Matches 39 & 40)

continuing my 
anti-colonial stance 
easier this group 

Iceland and Croatia both 
fragments of historic wholes 

my gaze focused on 
Rostov-on-Don where Messi's 
failure demons lurk 

pair of superpowers from 
sub-servient continents 

Naija passion 
running high octane Super 
Eagles in deep green 

Argentine drama also 
high - squad coup attempt denied 

Messi's mom said he 
cried after Croatia match - 
crowd is still sky blue 

Musa is Nigeria's 
Messi, but with a Moses 

whenever Messi 
with ball near the box feels like 
adult versus kids 

his confidence seems to have 
quieted his failure demons 

demons grow louder 
as the ninety minutes drip 
away in seconds 

Messi finally scores - and 
Maradona thanks Jesus 

Messi has same god 
complex Diego does, yet 
is somehow lesser 

young Nigerian keeper 
fingers off Messi free kick 

early second half 
energies intensify - 
Mascherano foul 

cool Victor Moses converts 
with flair; the demons whisper 

Croatia scores, which 
makes Iceland irrelevant 
if that result holds 

Rostov-on-Don remains a 
tense winner-take-all affair 

Uzoho only 
nineteen, on World's brightest stage, 
and thus far shining 

Sampaoli starts stalking 
sideline like fool hooligan 

Musa cross through to 
Ndidi near-dagger strike 
for Argentina 

Gylfi gets equalizer 
against Croatia - tied there 

Nigerian free 
kick almost sealed victory - 

bloody Mascherano looks 
intimidating as fuck 

Marcos Rojo nails 
cross to give Argentina 
hope for a future 

Maradona with double 
middle fingers, yells "puto" 

Maradona's trash, 
and Messi is an asshole - 
they deserve to lose 

Nigeria seems beaten, 
even with time left to play 

four minutes added 
time like an eternity 
for African hopes 

Argentina wins - FIFA 
wins - corporate sponsors win 

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