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Wednesday, June 27

World Cup Tanka: GROUP F FINALE (Matches 41 & 42)

I though Mexico 
had already advanced, but 
apparently not 

no coasting through this Sweden 
match, saving up for knockout 

Germany's vengeful 
wrath likely will utterly 
destroy Korea 

Germans need a win plus goals 
to guarantee their advance 

South Korea is 
playing the role of spoiler, 
like stealth kimchi mold 

I have Swedish heritage, 
but feel more like Mexican 

the People's Team of 
America represents 
my mentality 

vamos El Tri! - except I'm 
at fucking work, stealth watching 

Mexico looking 
mad nervous early, plus ref 
harshing against them 

perhaps pro-European 
conspiracies at play here? 

Putin's funded "white" 
nationalism across 
macroscopic Earth 

World Cup above corruption? 
c'mon bro, don't be naive 

if South Korea 
could disrupt Germany's hopes, 
that would be helpful 

Mexican defense sleeping, 
Ochoa's their guerrero 

flipped to Germany - 
they seem strangely uninspired 
for needing a win 

Group F full of nerves today; 
halftime both matches nil-nil 

Sweden finally 
cracks weak Mexican defense, 
opens up Group F 

nerd calculations tell 
me Germany would be out 

El Tri actively 
imploding, with penalty, 
and Sweden's up two 

elsewhere, Germany asleep 

Germany begins 
blitzkrieg, occupying the 
South Korean half 

Sweden scores a third - freakish 
own goal: Mexico is doomed 

switched to Germany 
South Korea as this is 
where the answers lie 

the most owned goal of own goals 
by Mexico's Alvarez 

Korea playing 
above their weight, attacking 
to slay Germany 

the Germans probing, with sense 
of salvation goal pending 

Korean goal gets 
disallowed - WE GO TO VAR! 
El Tri fans go wild 

the Mexican team's confused, 
losing but crowd's mas loco 

Korean fills an 
empty net with second goal, 
and Mexico is saved 

Group F simultaneous 
match drama level off charts 

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