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Monday, June 25

World Cup Tanka: GROUP A FINALE (Matches 33 & 34)

not much to this Group 
A finale, other than 
position jostling 

Saudi Arabia and 
Egypt playing just for pride 

sad that Salah was 
denied his moment again - 
and been used as pawn 

such a beautiful face for 
what Islam really could mean 

Uruguay Russia 
playing to see who loses 
to who in knockout 

doesn't feel like either 
of these teams beat heavyweights 

but Putin's Russia 
is master engineer of 
fixed results... who knows? 

advancing more important 
than posturing for dictates 

our anti-hero 
Luis Suarez strikes first blood, 
with an early score 

Uruguay keeps attacking, 
get a second off own goal 

meanwhile, our true 
hero Mo Salah scores first 
non-penalty goal 

would have loved to see Salah 
go further into stardom 

the Saudis receive 
penalty - it's saved by dear 
old El Hadary 

what wonderful moment to 
cap El Hadary's story 

second penalty 
earned (questionably) - Saudis 
convert second one 

how much money was wagered 
on draw via Russian mob? 

in other match, the 
Russians sub out star player 
by half - safety first 

looks like Uruguay first, with 
Russia second, without doubt 

Portugal or Spain 
(or Iran) would gladly take 
Russia in bracket 

Uruguay seems to have woke - 
Sky Blue woke is a threat 

Galeano thoughts 
make me fond of Uruguay, 
despite Vampiro 

to turn phrase or sport into 
poetry should be revered 

Uruguay Russia 
second half gets started first, 
running out the clock 

our Gulf challenge is only 
real drama left for Group A

Wahhabi dogma 
versus Mohamed Salah's 
gracious good nature 

la ilaha illallah 
la ilaha illallah 

meanwhile, Dzyuba 
is the face of fascism, 
fouling Latin veins 

Cavani desires a goal 
pretty bad, finally scores 

Uruguay wins Group 
A, Russian is second; 
Arab match goes on 

Russian mob gambling theory 
feeds last minute Saudi goal 

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