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Saturday, June 30

World Cup Tanka: GROUP G FINALE (Matches 47 & 48)

bailed out on group stage 
early because Belgium and 
England meant nothing 

Harry Kane didn't even 
play, screwing up my dork shit 

predicting ev'ry 
game with a bunch of British 
bastards I don't know 

gamify your entire life - 
give meaninglessness meaning 

I guess Panama 
versus Tunisia barely 
interested me 

but also I've fucked off at 
work so hard the past two weeks 

as American, 
work before sport, and soccer's 
not even real sport 

you're allowed March Madness, and 
of course Super Bowl worship 

both those events are 
more commercial than substance, 

Thursday afternoon crisis 
of existence for Raven 

bailed so hard took two 
days to catch up on tanka, 

elohel, it's already 
started in dirtgod real life 

but I began this 
idiotic project with 
promise to finish 

so even if I mail it 
in, shit's gonna get finished 

it's actually 
Saturday night; went to the 
drag races today 

I watched stupid Messi 
and Ronaldo get beaten 

but I also watched 
giant American cars 
roar with jacked-up strength 

there's no drag racing World Cup... 
oh wait, back to the soccer 

Panama's best chance 
at winning first World Cup game 
came up one goal short 

Tunisia gave Africa 
little consolation though 

Africa shut out 
from knockout stages, meanwhile 
Europe's ev'rywhere 

England and Belgium hardly 
tried at the end of their game 

with live crowd booing, 
they essentially played a 
game of kick-around 

ev'ry game meaningful from 
this point forward - no down time 

Raven Mack tanka 
will remain stream of conscious, 
however, fuck rules 

the collected tanka is 
already fifty pages 

fifty pages of 
World Cup tanka that like 
six people have read 

classic Raven Mack - perform 
ridiculous obscure tasks 

arts forever - no regard 
for what makes best sense 

when it comes to poetry, 
I'm America's dumbest 

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