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Wednesday, June 20

World Cup Tanka: IRAN vs. SPAIN (Match 20)

at beginning of 
day, Iran sat atop Group 
B table, oddly 

Queiroz has built true team, one 
that's physical as fuck, too 

Spain perhaps flirting 
with disaster, new manager 
and drew Portugal 

on paper, they dominate, 
but we're playing in real life 

this match has got some 
motherfuckin' horns going, 
sounds like mosquitos 

Spain was talking shit about 
scoring in the first minute 

personally, I'd 
love to see Iranian 
team advance today 

but hopes to see anything 
disrupted by in real life 

watched some at work, 
watched end of first half while 
sitting at bus stop 

then it was halftime; by the 
time I was home, Costa scored 

stole a few minutes 
watching while Mr. Rogers 
between two outfits 

Goodwill casual traded 
for track pants and bootleg kit 

then drove my kid to 
gymnastics; Iranian 
team didn't level 

Group B shall be clusterfuck 
on next Monday afternoon 

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