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Friday, June 22

World Cup Tanka: NIGERIA vs. ICELAND (Match 25)

the Super Eagles 
sporting the Worldest Cuppest 
jerseys possible 

I’ll be an old man searching 
future ebay for these joints 

Iceland means we’ll get 
more thunder claps and mad dudes 
sporting -son surnames 

proud tiny tribalism 
of island motherfuckers 

this is a tale of 
two barely known goalkeepers, 
both of whom done well 

Iceland’s Halldorsson had that 
big Messi penalty kill 

Uzoho only 
19, on much bigger stage 
than Spanish B-league 

I love matches like this one - 
underdogs sharing power 

halftime still level, 
meaning Argentina rides 
bottom of table 

early second half, Moses 
and Musa show classic flair 

soft and sweet assist 
on breakaway, delicate 
single touch then strike 

later, Musa jukes goalkeep, 
dances past defenders - that’s two 

is Iceland shook? yes, 
Gylfi even shanks easy 
penalty; they’re shook 

thunder claps silenced, replaced 
by joyous west African drums


Anonymous said...

reading this shit in bedroom with no curtains, moths flocking to dusty lamp, popping and flapping...dusty side table don't believe in pledge or pledges. Liked the earlier post better. Worried husband will awake to find me brite white screen lit posting dumb shit on comments never to be read only worried to be seen.

Raven Mack said...

it is appreciated nonetheless because I saw it. I wonder if you will ever see this though? RIP Craiglist Missed Connections... where post-modern romantic poets still found chances for love.