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Saturday, June 16

World Cup Tanka: PERU vs. DENMARK (Match 7)

Peru's first World Cup 
in almost four decades (South 
America's hard) 

surviving qualifying 
with explosive potential 

Denmark will likely 
ride Christian Eriksen as 
far as he'll take them 

not the strongest footballing 
tradition, but they are here 

airhorn factor high, 
Peruvian fans are high, 
this team's amplified 

Peru looks to be managed 
by Deep Purple's old bassist 

psychic energy 
of Peru overwhelming 
Denmark early on 

great back-and-forth flow between 
two teams looking to make noise 

delayed video 
review penalty closes 
first half - Cueva shanks 

36 years of Peru's 
failure demons pushed it high 

Peru dominant 
but unable to finish, 
almost comical 

then breakaway Poulsen goal - 
Denmark's up; Guerrero's in 

Paolo's intense - 
why the fuck didn't he start? 
es puro futbol 

Peru challenges, but does 
not break Kasper Schmeichel's spell 

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