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Sunday, June 24

World Cup Tanka: POLAND vs. COLOMBIA (Match 32)

feel no kinship for 
my Polish bloodlines, to be 
honest - too mongrel 

ethnicity laundered through 
bland American whiteness 

no team has sang their 
national anthem quite like 
Colombia does 

post-Escobar era, they've 
got mad nationalist pride 

also have love for 
a Colombian woman, 
but it ain't to be 

we both know though; I root for 
Colombia as "what if" 

fuckin' simple assed 
red and white kits and flag? damn; 
stylewise - no contest 

Polish come out swinging with 
accidental thuggishness 

CONMEBOL roots means 
counter harsh brutality 
with goal-scoring flair 

Yerry Mina climbs skyward 
to head home cross for first score 

Poland's unable 
to ever recover, and 
Falcao makes it two 

Cuadrado adds a third, and 
the Polish are defeated 

stadium crowd a 
sea of yellow, bouncing and 
singing, with relief 

failure demons now exist 
for Robert Lewandowski 

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