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Tuesday, June 19

World Cup Tanka: POLAND vs. SENEGAL (Match 16)

my grandfather on mama's side was the son of Polish immigrants could I have played for Polish national team? I'm not sure one of the World Cup's greatest victories ever was sixteen years back Senegal beat France in act of avenging history Cisse's the youngest manager in World Cup, plus only African African nations rarely have African managers Senegal begins with flair - a great complement to these plucky Poles I don't feel Polish enough to like these white uniforms both teams willing to hit hyperspeed suddenly, which is good viewing [productivity plummets worldwide during the World Cup] another owned goal got Senegalese crowd hyped, drums pounding in joy watching game, loving Niang's hustle, which he utilized return to field from injury breakaway with keeper absent - gooolllllll Group H flipped upside down; we're only a quarter way done 

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