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Wednesday, June 20

World Cup Tanka: PORTUGAL vs. MOROCCO (Match 18)

seems hard to believe 
Portugal would struggle with 
this Morocco match 

despite draw, a psychic win 
over Spain gives momentum 

African nations 
have not done well, which is sad... 
Pele's promise haunts 

I love African football, 
it feels more pure to newbie 

five minutes in and 
for some reason Ronaldo's 
free on corner kick 

of course he heads it home for 
quick lead - fuckin' Ronaldo 

at this point, I hope 
for metaphysical work 
from Moroccan team 

they won't advance, so perhaps 
they paralyze Ronaldo 

much as Portugal 
has controlled, it's still one-goal 
deep in second half 

Morocco has competed, 
supporter horns blasting 

another upset 
result being teased by these 
fickle football gods 

but multiple Moroccan 
striking distance free kicks fail 

all last gasps are left 
unanswered, Portugal 
picks up the 3 points 

Allah not willing today, 
we're stuck with Cristiano 

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