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Friday, June 15

World Cup Tanka: PORTUGAL vs. SPAIN (Match 4)

Ronaldo’s last World 
Cup? who can really say with 
an ego that large 

Portugal arrives healthy, 
looking to clutch Group B’s throat 

Spain is defending 
champion, yet suddenly 
sacked their manager 

unseen politics between 
Barca and Real Madrid 

speaking of second, 
their star Ronaldo “earns” quick 
penalty, converts 

Diego Costa answers, 
and we have a fucking game 

flopping Ronaldo, 
like a good worker, sets up 
striking Ronaldo 

Portugal reclaims the lead; 
halftime talk - “SPAIN SHOULD PANIC!” 

second half free kick 
not far from Spanish goal, and 
Costa answers back 

second chance rebound missiled 
into rippling net - we’re tied 

three minutes later, 
Nacho pinballs swerving shot 
off both posts for GOOOAAALLLLLL 

master class Spanish passing 
attempts to eat away clock 

Ronaldo fishes 
for fouls, finally getting 
one within his range 

hat trick equalizer caps 
thrilling Group B encounter 

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