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Thursday, June 14

World Cup Tanka: RUSSIA vs. SAUDI ARABIA (Match 1)

pomp and circumstance 
opening ceremonies - 
wave flags uselessly 

Putin's opening remarks' 
Orwellian translator 

FIFA corruption 
rewarded Russian rubles, 
thus we have today 

the Russian team’s not so good, 
nothing like Soviet days 

meanwhile, House of Saud’s 
Wahhabi Kingdom built team 
full of Muhammads 

Ramadan might leave Saudi 
team stalling, lacking full tank 

most of both these teams' 
players come from domestic 
leagues back home (that's rare) 

fewer European league 
ringers means much more raw match 

Yury Gazinsky 
scores this World Cup tournament's 
first goal off the dome 

that was twelve minutes in; by 
half-time, Ramadan effect 

sluggish performance 
by green defenders allowed 
second first-half goal 

second half was mostly host 
nation coasting towards three points 

playing for Putin, 
Dzyuba put twin Spetsnaz strikes 
to this Saudi team 

VIP box, Putin shrugged  
his shoulders at Saudi prince 

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