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Friday, June 22

World Cup Tanka: SERBIA vs. SWITZERLAND (Match 26)

Serbia's my least 
favorite non-favorite 
nation at World Cup 

read far too much shit about 
fall of Yugoslavia 

this Swiss team features 
Slavic diaspora stars, 
not down with the Serbs 

football metaphysics adds 
sediment deeper than sport 

none more Serbian 
than Mitrovic, who drives home 
goal first five minutes 

their assault complete, the Serbs 
settle into cold defense 

Swiss looked complacent, 
uninspired, up until half, 
came back out full bore 

Xhaka missiles a return 
from Shaqiri deflection 

Xhaka does double 
eagle hand celebration, 
taunting Serbia 

the game just got exciting, 
normcore, and metaphysics 

after energy 
of Xhaka's goal dies down, Serb's 
re-assert control 

the live stadium crowd is 
FUCKING LIT; feels like knockout 

tensest group stage match 
I've seen, by far - high octane 
in final minutes 

Shaqiri drives home the spike, 
shirtless Kosovar hand signs 

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