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Monday, June 18

World Cup Tanka: TUNISIA vs. ENGLAND (Match 14)

tiny Tunisia's 
never gotten past group stage; 
this is their fifth Cup 

but this is their first after 
Dignity Revolution 

England first ruled 
association football, 
exported then lost it 

English hopes delusional 
always, failure demons lurk 

they come out gunning 
though, hardcore on the attack; 
Tunisia looks fucked

doesn't take long for Harry 
Kane to get first World Cup goal 

this match has early 
makings of ugly blowout; crowd is 
strong pro-Tunisian 

they respond with constant swarm 
attack, score a penalty 

second half starts tied, 
and as the half wears away, 
England starts rushing 

never underestimate 
whispers of failure demons 

"not since '66" 
weighs heavy on consciousness; 
Arab defense springs 

but Harry Kane is still young 
enough for naivete 

he heads home corner 
kick rebound for stoppage time 
moment of glory 

English failure demons chased 
away for the time being 

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