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Wednesday, June 20

World Cup Tanka: URUGUAY vs. SAUDI ARABIA (Match 19)

Uruguay did not 
look that great against Egypt, 
but still got 3 points 

a win here, them and Russia 
are through to knockout stages 

the Saudi team made 
expansion to 48 
look like bad idea 

but "bad" suggests the point is 
good football, not great profits 

didn't watch single 
second of Suarez versus 
Saudis - stupid work 

a meeting to give input 
on how good the Kool-Aid tastes 

our American 
bureaucracy will one day 
cave in on itself 

applying "lean" principles 
to people as if machines 

of course, my lack of 
productivity could be 
cause for June concern 

fuck it man, don't care, western 
civilization's a lie 

Suarez tapped in lone 
goal, no one was assaulted, 
no fatwas issues 

bismillah, football gods should 
consult bezels of wisdom 

Group A is wrapped up, 
already excited for 
the knockout stages 

there, the football gods' judgment 
is finalized (for four years) 

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