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Thursday, August 23

SONG OF THE DAY: tr0gl0dYt3

caveman molecules activated
southern humidity acclimated
most days in goodwill button-up and goddamn I hate it
was born to barefoot in woods or walking 7 miles through alien neighborhoods
full of cousins I ain’t met yet so of course it’s all ways all good
all this progress all the technological advance
and yet hearts are more clogged than ever
too much manufactured saturated facts
fractured from what’s real
fuck it

I remedy with each step I take each day I’m still breathing
purify the enculturated poisons with a mushroom’s persistence
pushing my head through the muck
unfuck it
be good
which is never as hard
as it is made out to be

caveman molecules wasn’t ignorant
same molecular structure
same energies negative and positive spinning around
in the same chaotic spirals
as the beginning of time
each day I’m just trying
to find

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Anonymous said...

What the hell did I just watch? LOL