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Monday, August 13

SONG OF THE DAY: The Wicketshit Will Never Die

Noted horrorcore rap original Esham he of the darkest lost zones of Detroit shall suggest to us that wicketshit will never die, and there is strength to be taken from surviving the horrible darkness that is late capitalism and cultural collapse of western civilization due to the avarice and greed of those who have always been positioned at the top of the pyramid scam, at some point (I hope) one has to embrace the faith that this is not an end nor an ultimatum nor the final call of apocalyptic purgatory, and that perhaps a bettershit shall be born from the ashes of this failed experiment in exploitation, unsustainable personal profit over collective good, and general dehumanization of each other. But while still immersed in this slow boil of decline (which appears to be boiling more and more each passing week, but then again we all know how watched pots boil and we are certainly watching for bubbles more readily than ever), there is no doubt great solace in dark wicketshit arts, which take the feelings of total insecurity, lack of safety, deep paranoia from rabid police state militarization, distrust of random passersby as “is this man friend or foe? will he give me daps or stabs?”, and so on and so forth, and these horrible feelings of failure can be exorcised by embracing the wicketshit in our arts, so that we don’t have to do so in real life. It helps the machetes remain unbloodied for another day.

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