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Tuesday, October 30


One of my greatest memories that I don’t really remember because of drugs is doing acid and listening to the actual cassette copy of Exile on Main Street by Pussy Galore that my old roommate had back in the day. To this day, the sounds of this tape sound a way that probably don’t sound right to anybody else, but my personal atomic structure upon this earth is tinged with the experience of that time, which was life altering in the moment.
What we know, despite all claims by scientific method that a universal scientific truth can be determined, is all built upon foundation of experience. We’re living in a hostile time, and people are getting madder and madder at each other about how come other people don’t know what seems obvious. I’m not justifying ignorance, or suggesting turn the other cheek to fascists, because tbh I’m swinging kettlebells every night in preparation of what might be coming up fast. But yo, nobody’s is just automatically born a perfectly formed philosophical entity. In fact, no such thing exists. (Haha, I said “fact”.) But people stay mad at other people, not just the extreme ones (who deserve scorn, because they not even trying to be anything but hateful), but also those on the spectrum not too far off from them. It’s weird to me how groups of people who have openly embraced the concept of a spectrum instead of a binary will all of a sudden apply binary thinking in a situation. The concept of decolonizing our shit is deep and layered and fuck, we got so much work to do.
And at the same time, you still gotta have moments where you smile, where you kick start the serotonin, where you shake your fuckin’ hips and feel free, even if in the confines of a temporary sanctuary you’ve built with a like-minded person or peoples. Serious shit is going on in this world, but you’ll burn out and become useless if you keep it serious around the clock. Life is life, and you gotta keep living, while also fighting the riptide of bullshit.

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Anonymous said...

So much truth in this post.