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Sunday, October 20

SONG OF THE DAY: Baby Makin' Beats

rainy sunday bumpin beats 
drankin corny ass coffee w/the hazlenut drip 
thinkin about how I miss the rain on the tin roof 
and the leak on the front porch 
but it's alright 
the laundry room light went out 
in this moldy basement apartment 
and I ain't gonna bother the landlord to fix it 
bc they assholes anyways 

everybody is strugglin 
everybody feels doomed 
everybody is one tragedy away from contemplating suicide 
to a deeper level than they'd publicly admit 
none of us alone right now 
though the ways we been trained to connect 
make us feel more disconnected than ever 
that's by design 
them devils know the divide & conquer trick
and it's multiple forces of devils using it
devils every goddamned where

but so is good
shit's embedded in our heart
just gotta pay attention to it
start calculating more heart math
listen to the rain
put a pen in your hand and write shit down
scribble words pictures truths
don't share it where these devils can see it
with their self-ordained all-seeing eyes
which ain't really everywhere

pass notes
we're all strugglin
we all feel doomed
that's by design
so let's pass notes
draw up something new
for after this falls down
they say this way is cancelled
we gonna hit the end
it's gone too far and gotten too old
I say fuck it
let's make a new baby
and keep growing
like mycelium not economy
keep it underground
connecting tendrils of real life people
who help each other feel safe
to admit all the shit troubling us all
to one degree
or another

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