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Monday, March 9

SONG OF THE DAY: Calling Planet Earth

Maybe when people started believing in a flat earth again it was because the earth had been left out to long and all our tingly spirit like carbonation had been released so we were all just stumbling along, not correcting fucked up shit because there’s no real point to doing so as it’s just going to get done wrong right away at the next stop down the path, so fuck it. We just sit here, waiting for the inevitable, on an earth flattening of spirit, and some people can’t distinguish between metaphysical and real and they just assumed the earth was flat and made a bunch of youtube videos and shit. Anything being proven on youtube or a reddit thread is not being proven at all. And I say that with the simultaneous acknowledgement that our scientific community is full of shit and built on a foundation of false premises as well. All of this points to a flat earth. We need more motherfuckers like Sun Ra to pump some round to it again, all over the earth, in every corner, which of course is a poor metaphor BECAUSE THE EARTH DOESN’T ACTUALLY HAVE ANY CORNERS.

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