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Saturday, April 11

SONG OF THE DAY: Black Messiah

Simultaneously seen some folks complaining about how not enough deaths are getting classified as Covid 19 deaths, while other folks complain about how too many things that have underlying health issues are getting classified as Covid 19 deaths. Both sides are built upon the notion the numbers are science, and that shit is pure and infallible and altruistic, and you can’t fuck with science.
The numbers always are gonna justify whatever the fuck whoever is posting them up wants it to justify. I think about this a lot in terms of a football game where there’s a big third down play, and it’s close, so they do the measurement to see if somebody got a first down. The camera closes in on the measurement, and it’s the football there, with the pole attached to the ten foot of link chain, and you get this very dramatic interpretation of the measurement where it’s like, “OH SHIT, THEY’RE TWO INCHES SHORT!” Of course all of that is predicated upon the ref putting the ball down wherever the fuck he thinks he should go. And on the other end of that ten feet of chain is just some dude poking the other pole into the fucking ground wherever the fuck he thinks it goes. It’s all theater. You can best believe the same math that had folks in charge thinking a whole slew of human beings only counted 3/5 is being used to figure out whatever numbers they’re brandishing about now as well.

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