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Friday, October 23

SONG OF THE DAY: Don't Take Her (She's All I Got)

Just a freestyle sonnet today, about love, love lost, inspired by Swamp Dogg's crazy ass and reading about walking poet Vachel Lindsay.

Tethers so tight, yet familiar, begin to feel 
like the comforts of paradise, loved with great zeal, 
until fault lines suddenly shift, which then reveal 
the routine you so loved was much more rut than real. 

Still left reeling, playing back memories in mind, 
of moments that felt floating, not fleeting, outlined 
in bliss - romantic ignorance while intertwined, 
yet once removed, you realize hindsight's less confined. 

When the fault lines shift, life feels like rubble to sort 
through, hoping to stack enough pieces to export 
peace of mind; ache of loss and fearful thoughts distort 
the horizon into darkness, lacking support. 

And yet, once detoxed of tether's caress, bright heart 
begins to impart hope for another love's start. 

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