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Sunday, October 25

SONG OF THE DAY: El Puto (Chopped & Screwed)

Was staring at the leaves flaunting their autumn colours, which caused me to embrace Toxic Flamboyance philosophies, which includes using "ou" in place of "o" in words like colour, and also pulling out all the glittery iron on letters I can find, and customizing every blank shirt I have to read things like MASCULINE (silver glitter on hot pink shirt) or EXOTIC STREET PEOPLE in blue glitter letters on blaze orange shirt, which color coordinates with a Scottish GK jersey I have to wear overtop, because it's long sleeve, so I can actually rock autumnal fashion, but when it gets heated, bust off the GK top, and it's a fucked up EXOTIC STREET PEOPLE shirt underneath, in matching colours. Plus, I still got a pair of blaze orange socks with blue stripes from the Family Dollar like half a decade ago. (Sadly, I didn't have enough blue glitter letters, so I had to go with DIRECTOR EXOTICO instead, which is not really sad but an unexpected blessing I haven't realized fully just yet.)


Anonymous said...

The true artist makes beauty and finds it through limitation. I hate on a cook who needs a fancy steak to make it be good. I'll take the skirt & make it good. I just Friday bought a plain white tank top at Dollar General on seasonal sell-out for $1.20! I been rocking it with my camou pants, G.I. Jane style. Now I think I may need to find my iron on letters (plain,not glittery, you crazy flambo, so lucky) and decide something to try, fail, and see the success. At least the stain from dirty hands shopping on DG sidewalk came out. If it didn't, I would have just accepted.

Anonymous said...

You are a timely trip dude. Yesterday, I heard a wind instrument playing mariachi type music, like 5 bars then it stopped. Confused, I guessed it was just in my head. Then a bit later the whole band started. I live near a wedding venue, and apparently yesterday they let the Spanairds in and instead of 90s dj I was treated to spanish flair. Ric Flair should've dyed his hair pink. I might send you a colorful wig. I wouldn't wrestle any of these dudes, so I say! Can't ever doubt my wrestling spirit. Wish I knew more Spanish.