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Monday, November 2

SONG OF THE DAY: Mi Vida Loca (Slowed-n-Dro'd)

I have decided I’m against time. It only fucks up my days, months, years, and it’d be better to stop paying such close attention to it. Unfortunately, most of the mechanisms of being an allegedly productive member of society revolve around punctuality, or at least being close to on time. “Time is money” is some shit tattooed into our subconscious. Fuck it though. I’m going for a walk – a long walk of a half a million miles, for about twenty minutes or so. Everything from now on is “twenty minutes or so”. When will I be there? Twenty minutes or so. How long ‘til dinner? Twenty minutes or so. When will you retire? Twenty minutes or so. How long will this existential nightmare continue? Twenty minutes or so. See? It’s not so bad.

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