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Tuesday, April 20

SONG OF THE DAY: Stubborn Woman


I hit the Megaball number on Saturday night, but hadn’t even looked at my ticket to see what I won. When I get them, I only get 3 or 5 tickets, and memorize my Megaball numbers. Generally, I let the computer pick all the numbers, but occasionally I’ll pick my Megaballs. I know nobody hit the big jackpot, so I just let that shit percolate on the shelf. Maybe it’s $40K sitting on the dresser, but it might just be a free ticket. I ain’t stressing. Ain’t like I’m gonna be able to quit my job, or even escape the slow death of American existence. So thinking about it from time to time, letting a little dopamine slip into the brain juices, that’ll do just fine for now. The balance of the dying empire is getting just enough dopamine to ignore the overwhelming cost of being alive, and postpone cousin death for one more calendar box.

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