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Saturday, May 22

SONG OF THE DAY: Right Down the Line (slurred & blurred)

Hey man, it’s Saturday as fuck over here, so we’re just blasting chill music, plugged in every purple Christmas light we could find, and just cranking up the orgone vibracity, but slow as possible. Life is best at slow cooker speed. In fact, I got some noodles draining in the sink for the past 20 minutes, to make some macaroni salad, but ain’t done shit. Just vibing, got sidetracked emptying a mouse trap then peeling some painter’s tape off some bottles in the yard I spray painted the other day. Slow cooker life, the only way. Fuck schedules, fuck time. In fact, we don’t need new shit ever again, because we could just keep using all the old shit we find at a slower pace, piecemealing it together.
Shout out to my bro dj_brilliant for this one. He did it up right.

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