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Saturday, September 18


computer commuting got 
me missing traffic clusters 
where I stare off into space 

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Anonymous said...

Well, go for a ride goofus. But I hear you. Its different when you're really stuck there, not just some free spirit with no timeframe. You see things different. Getting gas at Crafton's at 7 am to make it into town cause I had a job in the other direction, but a tab at Crafton's; seeing meth-heads I knew getting gas, grinding thier teeth, ready for a ride of some kind, not to a job... It's very different. But we all still owed our tabs. Thanks Crafton's. They had an apple tree by a picnic table too, and if I was there on my own rando trips, I would collect apples. Lord, standing on a picnic table at a gas station picking apples, some wonderful stuff. But I did glean a few on a couple days I had to go in to work, just to renew my spirit. And I payed off my tab.
This is space calling. Your soul has a tab to be paid.
Nah, you're paying it through all you do creatively. But, you might owe some cents/sense and just go for a ride.
Hope you don't get a letter saying you still owe 73 cents when you thought you paid your tab.