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Saturday, September 25

G4V3 VP D3LVS10NS 4B0VT...

gave up delusions about 
being the greatest; life is 
best without superlatives 

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Anonymous said...

I want to kiss this goat. I like its eyes. I like the haiku too, but we can't kiss sunrays or words. The irony in the poem is funny. You butt superlatives while using one. Super funny. I also think its funny GOAT means Greatest Of All Time in the sports world. That's because neither Simone Biles, Tom Brady or Muhammed Ali could butt heads with a randy goat. But I have kissed many a randy goat. They like it. No frenching. Just on the forehead near the horns which could take out my eyes if they chose. I let them lick my hands & arms, so they get some tongue action.