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Tuesday, October 26


crooked teeth the surest sign 
of born class, since poor folks ain’t 
expected to ever smile 

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Anonymous said...

That looks like a reese's pieces bit of orange foil with some fancy nail art on it. I know with the teeth you got you did not invest on some goofy true dental work, furthermore, who would do that to your tooth professionally? That's some fun looking shit, would cost $1000+ I know you don't have. Hence foils. That is some rocking shit and makes me smile.
Don't know how I was luckily born with straight strong teeth, poor to boot, but my one tooth only chipped once. I broke out a metal file and filed that shit back so my tongue wasn't bothered. Then an older "self" money making me went to the dentist. He said it looked good, did I need more taken off? I made him dremel grind it for total tongue satisfaction, maybe too far, but he was trained so shut this poor-self tooth filing girl down if I'm pushing it too far. Why you asking me Dr. Johnson?
I've always loved your teeth. Busted, cared for best YOU could... teeth show life, yeah slaves on stumps and all.
Your toothy smile looks like the cover to a War album. You know which one. The one with LowRiders on it.
yeah, we poor but we work that shit. Poor in money, never heart.