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Monday, October 4

N3V3R G1V3 VP 0N F1ND1NG...

never give up on finding 
shelter if exposed to storms; 
survive, then thrive, then give back 

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Anonymous said...

I like both pics of this scene. Are they different nights? because a ring of rainbow shines on both & its October 2021&2020. I find for myself even in storms, I survive & give back, then hopefully we all thrive. Maybe I'm carrying dead weight & screwing myself. Maybe I'm dead weight. Who cares. Storms are storms & I'm usually the one to find shelter. And water. And food. Lord... folks who know me are lucky, and maybe not. But I'll never bring them bad mushrooms. Kitty tonight was trying to eat some random yard shrooms & I yelled at him "No." My husband said, "its a test, if he eats them and doesn't die, we can eat them." I just looked at him, like "No. Are you crazy?" Said "What are we gonna do then? Eat a dead cat?"