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Thursday, October 28

SONG OF THE DAY: Done With This

Just another cabin boy on a ship of fools, waiting for the water to fill my lungs. Everything is completely obvious, yet everyone wants to get lost in the semantics of how you get around to pointing at the obvious, until we’ve talked ourselves into oblivion, the acts of the oblivious, purposefully ignorant to the facts in front of us, and I don’t even know why. So mostly I think, “fuck it,” and cosplay like my job is important enough to justify riding along until I die. Maybe we won’t hit the iceberg in my lifetime, not until my kids are older, maybe not ‘til my grandkids exist. Just another cabin boy on a ship of fools.

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Anonymous said...

Talking about my life, my sister told me "well that's a ship to try to sail aonther day." I told her "I'm a flipping admiral girl. I'm sailing a fleet of ships, all the time." I wish I had the ease of an iceberg, but I know all the rudder confused ships that'd be left in my wake, so I keep earning stars. But I also know I'm a fool and we all can drown the same.