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Saturday, October 2


I spent two hours either napping or watching the new stupid Sopranos movie, which sucked, but was probably exciting to people who enjoy seeing famous character look different. It did help my napping though, except I woke up, and the thing was still fucking on. How long was that shit? Who the fuck has time to sit in a movie theater for three hours?
Anyways, this made me think how much of our idea of what’s good and what’s not is enculturation, and the expectations we have from what we’ve already consumed. I absolutely would’ve been better off watching a Wakaliwood movie this afternoon, which is the Ugandan film studio where a house DJ does commentary over the top. The special effects are cheaper, but more special, and the stories are enjoyable. The commentary makes it though, and when I went to the big wheel donk races in North Carolina, it was interesting that they had a house MC talking up the races the whole time too, just like Wakaliwood movies. That’s a piece of African culture modified for post-modern world I wish was more common, because it adds a lot.
Nyege Nyege Tapes is from some festival of crazy people music, and the Wakaliwood folks did a takeover movie where they movie killed a bunch of Nyege Nyege music festival fans as part of the festival one year. I need an arts scene like that, to be honest. America is fucking boring at this point. This song is from an Nyege Nyege release, and whenever I listen to it, I fantasize about stealing spaceships while on biker crank. It’s a lovely fantasy. There was no video for this song so I made one. I should’ve used Wakaliwood footage in retrospect, but I’m not good at retrospect because I’m a southern gothicc futurist.

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