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Friday, October 1

SONG OF THE DAY: Goats Keep Rappening

This beat by Boogie Brown was the theme to Monday Night Rumble of The Discourse, as seen on MY PATREON (which you should totally support, if you are able). I really loved doing those Monday Night Rumbles of The Discourse, but it got tiring, not really the making of those videos but actually paying attention to The Discourse. It’s all so toxic, like drinking arsenic water, and it seems those who are invested in believing in politics actually believe you can drink up the poisonous constantly, and something good still will come from it, if you just believe. I can’t believe like that. I’m not willing to handle snakes all that much and pretend they’re not fucking snakes that ultimately will bit me. So the main reason I couldn’t keep up with doing those videos is fuck man, who wants to ingest all that much discourse voluntarily?
The track itself is amazing though, and I love it dearly. I loved it before I used it for the discourse rumbles, and I love it even more now, because every time I hear that one part, I expect my voice to come in talking about the abandoned concrete factory.


Anonymous said...

I miss Monday Night Rumble of The Discourse. I watch alot of news, but think its funny. People. Your Rumbles made it even funnier. My husband watches anime & everytime I walk in on that shit, it hits too close to home. Which doesn't make sense because news is reality? and anime is fantasy? He's watching CanonBall Busters right now. Good lord! A giant robot turns into a pink cadillac! Hello! Do I not want that??
Boogie Brown's track is flipping awesome. I can listen to that in the newsy future instead of watching an old Rumble.
Boogie Brown may make good beats, but I doubt he can boogie well with his legs. I imagine him as PigPen from Peanuts. I'd dance with PigPen. Maybe he'd tell me his real name.

Raven Mack said...

PigPen was his real name