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Friday, October 22

SONG OF THE DAY: Whole Lotta Meat aka Hey Little Girl

There’s a local blues show that goes for approximately 74 hours every Saturday night on NPR, with some old ass dude who looks nothing like he sounds hosting. He shaves his face, and never had his electricity cut off for non-payment. Thus, he doesn’t get it. But this is a brave new world, where you don’t actually have to get it to act like you get it, and if you act long enough and hard enough, people politely go along with believing you got it.
Anyways, there’s such a wonderful large body – no pun intended – of old blues songs about big women, which is enjoyable on the very basic level, but also even greater when you think about some dude sitting around, thinking about writing a song, and decides to go all in on glorifying his big ol’ lady in a song. One time I wrote an entire 14 poem crown of sonnets about loving big asses too much, so I got banished to a mountain range which was giant asses, occupied entirely by stick women who exiled me from their community because of my over enthusiasm in the actual realm about big asses. That’s a little too much to explain in three verses and a chorus, so I appreciate the way bluesmen kept it simple.
There was no video for this song I could find, so I made one, but don't worry, the owners of the music maintained their copyright, so if you watch this video 13,000 times in a row, you'll make them seven pennies, not me.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the song of the day, the prose & video. How did that dude keep his hat on while flipping?? The dancing was awesome. I used to have a pair of vintage shorts that had a second fluffy bottom like a diaper sewn in them, off-white printed with cherries inside and out. I loved them. I don't know how they got lost after work one day. Guess in retrospect, I don't remember wearing them home. I lost a skort at that job too. What the hell? Dude can keep his hat but I can't keep my shorts/skorts. I got a flat butt so like double layers. I got dimples behind my ankles though. I'm meaty in the heart. You can call me Shugg.
I called a super-meaty black drag queen "shugg" last weekend, and was surprised she didn't slap me. But I gave her new tissues for her sweating face and helped her get her golden-sequined dress tucked in her tiny car. I didn't lift her butt to the seat cause I knew that was more than I could handle. I just put my hands down for the catch, which thank godness she wriggled in of her own accord, because it would have broken my wrists.