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Wednesday, December 22

SONG OF THE DAY: Shackin' Up

I got an old truck now, with a sub-woofer, which mostly sits at my girlfriend’s compound, because she uses it for farm chores more than my sitting down working remotely ass would need, other than dump runs. I tried to start it yesterday, just to blast some music, but it wouldn’t turn – old ass battery in the cold. My girlfriend was complaining because the door wouldn’t shut anymore, but I knew what was up, because that had happened to me too. I fixed the door to at least shut, the way it does where it barely catches, then still has a gap like it’s open, but it ain’t. You can push it and see. Songs like this are perfect for jump starting your old ass farm use truck, because you don’t really wanna buy a new battery for it right now, cranking up some old ass jam like this one, and taking a load of assorted detritus to the dump, leaving the truck running the whole time because you don’t feel like jumping it again, even if you have to get gas, and then coming back with a barrel, some bottles, a stack of old National Geographics for collages, and a couple other things you ain’t have when you left. That’s the perfect day for an old truck, to be honest.

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