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Friday, December 10

SONG OF THE DAY: Woman Be Fire

Sometimes I can’t think of anything clever to write, so I just put my shopping list in here.
  • Ace rust stop gloss aluminum spray x2
  • Ace rust stop gloss allis chalmers orange x2
  • Ace rust stop gloss john deere green x2
  • 25 lbs whole roasted unsalted peanuts (crows)
  • *see if chicken thighs are on markdown for quick sale
  • hazelnut creamer
  • check markdown mushrooms
  • markdown mustard greens
  • milk (kids coming back Monday)
  • see if those fuckers finally got wet cat food
  • chicken thighs (even if not on sale I guess)
  • more panko just in case
  • fuckin laundry detergent (DON’T FORGET AGAIN)
  • drive that one way back to see if ol’ boy’s got burn barrels rn

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