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Monday, February 7

SONG OF THE DAY: Hobo's Meditation

I kinda hated the Trio record as a kid because my folks played it too much, and I had already transitioned into a know-it-all don't-like-shit-your-parents do teenager. But I've gone back to those records in recent years, because somehow I ended up being an older fucker instead of dead in a guardrail, and that shit's pretty great. "Hobo's Meditation" is one of my favorite old school traditional songs, even if it isn't traditional, I know about 19 different artists that done it. And I've come to appreciate Dolly even more because I have a Dollywood tattoo on my crotch. That's like a tramp stamp for men. I ain't ashamed, but it is ignorant as hell. Whatever. I wasn't put on this Earth to be perfect; I was put here to lounge.

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