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Thursday, March 17


I was introduced to this song first as a sample used by 8Ball & MJG, but then that same song as heard a thousand Screw tapes, so that the regular speed 8Ball & MJG song sounds fucked up to me. But then a lot of Cameo tracks show up here or there on the full DJ Screw tape selections, so I either got used to listening to a version of it on a Screw tape, or I played the 45 myself on slow too much. Sometimes it’s hard to tell, and to be honest, I’m not even sure I have that specific Cameo 45, but I know I got a few of them, and I only play 45s at 33 speed, because the world’s spinning fast enough as it is. And yet here is the regular version of the Cameo song “Candy” at regular speed, and it’s pretty fuckin’ great. Ultimately, I think the in order for humans to better adjust to time travel, and navigating a fourth dimension, we have to let go of this notion that everything should enjoyed at regular speed. What even is regular?

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