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Thursday, March 24

SONG OF THE DAY: Come and Get Your Love

brain not always working well enough to put whole thoughts into whole sentences lately 
can put half thoughts into long sentences or make whole sentences 
out of fragment clusters but fuck man 
feeling exhausted 
maybe this is what getting old is 
I don't know 
weight of the world both immediate and beyond my control 
starting to feel like too many cobwebs 
and you can't fit a broom into the corner of your mind 
so I juggle expectations and obligations 
and hope to make it to another day 
where I don't have to listen to an alarm clock 
and can sleep in my own bed 
unencumbered by anything 
need to be floating again 
like clouds 
not feeling lost but having to keep pushing 
like fog 
come and get 
your love 

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Anonymous said...

I too am weary...