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Saturday, March 5


I recently realized I hadn’t bought any machetes in a long time, which worried me, although as I thunk about it, I realized I have them stashed throughout the house, to where you’re never actually more than 15 feet away from a machete (if you know where they are… which I do). But also I could get that weapon calculus down to 10 feet if I got some more. I hate our consumer capitalist bullshit society which has propped up this American Empire with extreme waste of resources, our own individual wealth, and just the entirety of the Earth to be honest. But there’s still some things you can never have too much of, like machetes, milk crates, tarps, pieces of rebar… all those basic foundations for survival during tight times or thriving during complacent periods. And you don’t need to be fancy about none of those things. You can find $200 machetes online if you want, but if you’re getting a $200 machete, you’re missing the entire point of machetes in my opinion. I mean, you don’t want a cheap machete that dulls immediately and can’t be sharpened, just like you want a decent mil tarp as well. Milk crates are milk crates for the most part, and with rebar, quarter inch isn’t as strong as half inch, but you’ll never run out of uses for quarter inch rebar. Trust me, it’s universally useful.

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