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Monday, March 7

SONG OF THE DAY: Never Too Much

Tired of narcissists masquerading as body positive, when they look conventionally attractive. Tired of scolding progressives who don't speak the language of having to make broken shit work, because there's no money to fix anything. Tired of people who think they've been cancel cultured because they said stupid shit in a crowded room and somebody got on their ass about it. Tired of the "I'm white but I've experienced oppression" mental gymnastics olympic trials constantly happening. Tired of people in love with their own image, in an unhealthy way where they demand you fuel their egotistic serotonin by clicking little buttons and sharing as well. Tired of people calling themselves connoisseurs when they are consumers, who support their favorite media oligarch owning all the content they want to consume in one convenient to them place. Tired of what internet culture has become. Tired of thinking about dumb shit like Elon Musk or Kanye West or some other oligarch narcissist who is ultimately entirely useless to everybody within 100 miles of where I stand. Tired of the mass gentrification of thought that has come with web 2.0. Tired of so much shit.
What I ain't tired of? Driving back roads, from here to the horizon. Roadside kooks selling weird shit. Sitting outside without device. Open windows with curtains blowing so hard it knocks the plant off the dresser there. Dogs barking in the distance. The smell of a burn barrel going hard. Real life shit, as unmanufactured as possible, and with a good percentage of decay. It ain't real life shit if there's no decay.

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