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Tuesday, May 24

SONG OF THE DAY: I'll Keep Searching

Often I think about being Time Machine True in my own personal behaviors, so that if we end up with time machines for regular people (and not just space lords), I’ve acted throughout my life in a way that won’t cause me to end up murdering myself. One of the biggest adjustments to time travel is going to be figuring out fourth dimensional consequences, and there’s going to be so many cases of time travel suicide, where older versions of yourself come into the future to murder you for being a sellout, or newer versions of yourself go back and kill older versions of yourself for being a dumbass. It seems like if you killed your older self, your newer self wouldn’t exist anymore, but that’s likely not how that shit is gonna work, and there’s going to be a whole bunch of each of us running around a whole bunch of universes, you know, the string theories. I’m honestly not smart enough to figure all that shit out, but I would like to take a time machine to like 1977 or 2429 or whatever. I mean, I figure if time machines become more common, and I actually get one, it’s likely going to be a raggedy time machine, with a cracked windshield, that can only go to like five states around here, and only go back or forward 75 years, so I’d probably have to limit myself, so that I don’t accidentally break down in 1958 Charleston, West Virginia, or some fucked up shit like that.
But even in acknowledging my own intellectual limitations when it comes to four dimensional existence, I do know it’s fairly easy to be Time Machine True, meaning always act in a way that no other version of myself would be so ashamed of he has to kill. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done some stupid and ignorant shit, but I’ve tried to learn from it, and have that be part of my growth as a human. So I have to assume, with my limited intellect, that bodes better for four dimensional existence, should that become a reality I’m confronted with at some point. I think that’s important, and often think, “What would 17 year old Raven think about this?” or “What would 79 year old Raven suggest I do here?” It’s helped me tremendously to take into consideration their feelings and input, and also know when I should give them suggestions. Shit, 9 year old Raven is way more at ease now that I’ve been telling him for a couple years that shit’s gonna eventually work out, don’t get too stressed. I wish that little motherfucker had a time machine so he could see it.

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