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Monday, May 30


I think this song is about Roseanne's sister from Roseanne. They did a reboot of that show but Roseanne wasn't woke enough so they kept doing the show anyways and Roseanne was cancelled, which means she instead just gets given money by rich dumbasses who believe history moved from east to west but the world is flat and it doesn't get any further than California, except maybe Hawaii but only if you're on vacation. Nobody lived in Hawaii before vacations. Anyways, I like this song about the sister from Roseanne, and I like the old Roseanne because it was a tv show reminiscent of my own fucked up family and in fact the last time I visited my uncle Ray who used to be a biker and had a big toe for a thumb because of the time he almost got murdered and lost three fingers on one hand from the shotgun blast at close range, Ray was in the hospital and had learned how to swallow his food some weird alternate way because the normal way sent food and drink into his lungs or some shit, we watched Roseanne on the hospital room TV. The whole trip was very magical in a fucked way, because he used to ride with the Pagans MC, and then when I was leaving, an elevator was stuck but halfway between floors, and two women were freaking out, so I helped them pull the doors further open and helped them up out the elevator. Then I got on the other one and a guy got on with me wearing a shirt that said "Support your local Pagans" talking about the outlaw biker club not the people who shop for expensive crystals at metaphysical shops. Anyways, I never watched the rebooted Roseanne because it got cancel cultured before I could watch. Haha, that's not true, I just never gave a fuck; cancel culture ain't real.

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