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Saturday, May 28

SONG OF THE DAY: Remember 04

I never had any outright hallucinations in my younger psychedelic dabbling days, but I often figure this is because reality has always been fairly flexible to me, so likely according to somebody else’s standards, I had a lot of hallucinations… I just didn’t regard them as such. It always felt to me like I was seeing a more subtle reality, not obviously on the surface, but also not according to how we’re trained to identity the surface. Had a friend one time explaining to me about purple, and being trained to identify it, and how his shade of purple might be my shade of orange, but since we’re all trained to identify the same appearance of reality as “purple”, we all assume we see the same color, when in actuality there might be great fluctuation in that. I kinda figure that’s how reality is too - just the accepted system of identifying what’s around us. It sucks that the blurring of reality is not psychedelic based and about how there’s deeper universal layers to everything, but instead has allowed folks to have a more shallow, selfish view of the world as nothing but a space for them to do whatever they feel like, as whatever they feel like is somehow their “right”, but what affects anybody else is a “feeling”. I don’t know man, civilization feels extra raggedy lately.

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