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Tuesday, May 31

SONG OF THE DAY: Still the Same (slurred & blurred)

It is hot as fuck outside, so let me just advise you all to slow it down. In fact, with climate change an inevitable byproduct of the eternal impossible growth plans of capitalism, it’s only going to get hotter, so you should only get slower. Don’t work fast, don’t drive fast, don’t play music fast, do nothing fast, ever. Like, what’s the point? What are you in a rush for? Time is a social construct anyways, just meant to make your ass feel late when “late” isn’t even real. I do not have AC in most of my old ass house, just a small arsenal of fans of various eras pointed in different directions depending on the heat outside, side of the house the sun is on, and other bizarre life scientist calculations that I’ve accumulated over a lifetime of being broke but beautiful. All in all, it’s tolerable, but even if it wasn’t, lolol what am I gonna do? Quit existing? Fuck no. There is no exclamation point to the end times, just a long slow ellipsis. So ride that fucker out.

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