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Thursday, May 26

SONG OF THE DAY: Telling You The Future

Mostly when we think of “futuristic”, we think of flying cars and robot highways and shit like that… all very shiny and stainless steel and space age if “space” age means exploring external space as far as possible. But I don’t know, there’s a lot to see already within the small corners of the Earth (which are never actual corners) that we overlook because we get those big global eyeballs and miss all the beautifully woven details to our lives. I’d hope the actual “futuristic” my great grandchildren gets to see has more sitting on a rock by the river than rocket ships to other planets. I mean, for most of us, they’re not gonna let us go into space except as servants anyways, so why the fuck bother? Stay here, sit by the river, listen to the ripples and not give a fuck about all that other “we need to do” ass stuff. Progress is a myth. And if you think of the moral arc of the universe as a rainbow, it’s just bending back down to where it started, so might as well keep it caveman simple. That’s why I do paintings on all the walls of my house.

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