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Sunday, June 19

SONG OF THE DAY: I Walk On Gilded Splinters

Sometimes when life feels like a crushing pile of stones sitting on top of your heart, mind, and soul, you just gotta vibe. Vibes are unpredictable though and when you think “well this was great vibes 3 months ago” and try it again, conditions ain’t the same and it doesn’t work. Vibes aren’t scientific, and science is limited because it needs shit to be perfectly the same to prove itself as truth. The actual world changes an infinite number of variables an infinite number of times for every 69 steps you took, so science ain’t ever gonna catch up with the limitless permutations of universal magnetics. But if the vibes are super far off when trying to replicate previous vibes, which happens a lot to me, I just do the opposite of a few things – like the exact opposite, but also the same of some things. This is like rolling a shitty pair of dice on your first throw so you shake the shit out of them extra hard, and then the second one usually hits – if you’re lucky. But vibes is not a dice game so even if you’re unlucky, keeping shaking the shit out of everything until the vibes hit right. But when the world is a crushing pile of stones, unseen but all to fucking real feeling, you gotta shake shit up, and find the power of lounge. And if you don’t find it right away, you best keep on trying because best believe this world which we live in has got a bunch of trifling ass brains manufacturing as many more stones as possible to drop on your ass. Keep shaking shit up though, and find a nook to chill in.

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