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Saturday, June 4


Been listening to a lot of James McMurtry lately, apparently. Every time some new person tries to convince me of how great Jason Isbell is, and they are describing him and his music, I usually just think in my head, "oh, they're describing James McMurtry." No diss to Jason Isbell or fans of the entire Drive-by Truckers genre, but it ain't for me. Something is missing for it to resonate with my fucked up southside Virginia upbringing full of chaos and misery but laughter and fuckitery as well. I've never been able to put a rational explanation on it, so I just politely listen to folks attempting to convince me how much I'd love it if I just gave it a chance. But I'm more likely to listen to James McMurtry every time. Rural identity attempting to be progressive in the age of digital wokeness is such a fucked up subculture anyways. I don't know how y'all cook but the fuckin' skillet needs soap sometimes.
I love this album cover too, especially since I got a little HO scale motel like that to fix up for my dilapidated train town I was working on for a while. But then my oldest kid and their partner had to live with us for a while so HO town got used as a bedroom, and I ain't had the heart to set it back up, in case they have to come back and live here again. I'm only 49 though, so I'll have plenty of years to romanticize the decay of the American Empire in 1/87 scale in the "extra" room upstairs that's hot as fuck in the summer.

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